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   What Motivates Us

We’re excited about building successful apps! When we wake up in the morning, all we want to do is create apps: Apps that people will use… Apps that make money… Apps that top the charts.



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Working with Companies

Entering the mobile world is essential to every company’s marketing strategy. Our experienced team will help you develop the best features and highest-quality user experience to maximize revenue and customer loyalty. Creating an effective mobile presence requires broad competence; JVP's multiple skills make us your one-stop shop for app development.

Working with Startups

Startups are our passion. We’ll be your partner and advisor throughout all design and development phases. Our team will work with you to build a strong, scalable mobile application quickly and affordably. We understand your challenges and the iterations needed to reach your goals, and we’ll stay with you during maintenance, upgrades and any future improvements.

  • 1. Learn
    The getting-to-know-you the stage of the project: we explore what you need and any ideas you have got on how to achieve it. We'll work with you to establish a clear brief, then dig into that to identify the best way to go about meeting it. Initial contact is generally via email or telephone. And if you decide you want to work with us, it's time to get together for more detailed briefing session.
  • 2. Plan
    This is where we define the project scope, finalise technical requirements and implement key milestones. we've got a visual tracking system in-house, and you'll get a project calender so you can see when each stage of the project will be complete. We match each stage of the plan with a sign-off point for you, so no work goes ahead without your approval.
  • 3. Design
    Everything we've discussed so far about your project starts to take shape in the design stage. Using what we've learned from you, your industry, your customers and your competitors, we'll create a visual framework and design rules to work to. At this stage, we decide how best to move from concept to completed product, integrating form and function for the best results.
  • 4. Build
    The build phase of your project is where we take everything visual that's been created for so far, and - as our technical director mike puts it - "Make it work". We'll combine the visual designe with the technical elements outlined during your planning stage to create an product that looks beautiful and performs exactly the way you need it to.
  • 5. Launch
    In-house, we'll work through the quality control checklist that's guided the entire project one last time. You'll get a staging link so you can see the work before it goes live, and give us any last bits of feedback. Remember, you'll have been signing everything off at the various project milestones, so this shouldn't be a big job. Once that's done, it's time to go live.
  • 6. Support
    Post launch, we're on hand for any immediate bug fixes, making sure your asset's running perfectly. We can also offer you training on any systems we've used, including video tutorials for future reference. After that, it's up to you to tell us when you need our support. we're not the kind of agency that waves you off into the sunset - If you need our help or advice, we're here.

Our Values


Our team is always on the leading edge of mobile development. Every day we adopt emerging technologies, and we consistently follow the newest cloud and hardware developments. Over 30% of our time is dedicated to researching stack enhancement.


We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards. The success of a mobile application project relies on providing the smartest UX (user experience) and the finest graphic design, as well as high-level integration and solidly-built code. We commit to the best across all these metrics, and we deliver our apps with a warranty that guarantees they’ll be reliable and bug-free.


JVP’s team is growing every year. With each quarter, we deliver more apps and bring success to more clients. We aim to become the world’s best mobile development agency. With this goal in mind, we are constantly refining our processes and improving our methods.


We engaged with JVP on a number of strategic projects. They brought exceptional technical acumen and professionalism in building and deploying complex Sales and Retails solutions. I trust them implicitly and would engage them again for future projects. Team,

We recently approched JVP to develop a highly technical, innovative and challenging mobile app. The talented group of programmers and friendly support staff provided a level of creativity and technological expertise unmatched in the industry. Auction VCommerce,

JVP is able to support us end to end from articulating functional specifications and technical design through application delivery. We value the strong and positive relationship we have built with the JVP team. JVP team has well experience in delivering the solutions.

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