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We have a decade of experience on Android and iOS Platforms.

When you work with us, you benefit from our cutting-edge knowledge and cumulative experience with Android and iOS.


Email Login

Systems to manage user sign-ups, sign-ins, forgotten passwords and existing accounts.

Facebook Login

Facebook SDK integration to streamline account creation. Also picture, age, interests and so on.

Twitter Login

Easy way for users to create an account without having to share personal information. One-click connection.

Phone number Login

Systems to manage user sign-ups, sign-ins, forgotten passwords and existing accounts.

User Login

Systems to manage user sign-ups, sign-ins, forgotten passwords and existing accounts.

User Exit

Systems to manage user sign-ups, sign-ins, forgotten passwords and existing accounts.




Chat between users, one-to-one or one-to-many. Associated push notifications and instant refresh.

Push notification

User-targeted push notifications associated with specific app events and user actions.

In-app purchase 

Premium model. Enables users to unlock specific features with one-time in-app or monthly subscription model.


Simple application slide system to educate users on the application’s core features.

Content feed

Access to a content feed, together with the ability to share it inside and outside the app.



Share the app

Allows app to be shared on social networks together with attached promo codes and reward systems.

Rate the app

Smart prompt for users to submit a rating for the application.

Find your friends

Automatically detects users’ friends based on address book and Facebook account.


Following / Follower system to create engagement between users inside the application.


Sharing of promocodes by users with automatic rewards when new user joins the app.

Content reporting

Allows inappropriate content to be reported by users with responsive banning of accounts and content.

Address book

Connection and retrieval of user address book for contact list usage within the application.

Automatic sharing

Automatic sharing of content created in the app to users’ social network accounts.

Customer support

Support ticket creation and live chats from within the app for service and product-based applications.

Social Features



Allows app usage to be restricted to only those users in a specific location. Radius and polygon methods define the target area.


Continuous detection of user location, with triggers for notifications and selected app behavior in specified vicinity.

Map Display

Pin management on map and clustering of points for high content volume.

Google place API

Instant, automatic address input (like Uber), allowing users to rapidly find a specific location.


Bring users to map at a specific location and/or initiate turn-by-turn directions from the app.


Classic bluetooth

Connection to IoT objects using classic Bluetooth phone pairing.


App-initiated update of connected devices over the air. Firmware hosted on server side.


Bluetooth low energy device (LDE) connection. Characteristics reading and device interactions.

Crowd GPS

Background detection of connected objects by the app. Location sharing to the back-end.


Push notification to Bluetooth users in proximity to beacon signal and interaction within the app.



Picture taking

Picture-taking from the application. Storage of the media on the app, phone and server.


Image filter function, using algorithms to determine the coloring, contrast, focus and brightness.

Background upload

Background asynchronous upload of images to reduce loading time.



Credit Card

Credit card processing from the app for product and service transactions.

Apple pay

Apple Pay SDK integration for fast credit card information-sharing.


In-app purchases and subscriptions from the App Store and Google Play.

Card scanning

Quick input Card scanning from within the app.


Authorization on credit cards to secure user payments.



Media protection

User-generated content locked within the user account only.

Secure API

Robust encrypted communications with the server to eliminate hacking risk.

Real-time Monitoring

Event tracking and automatic reporting in case of bugs, crashes or other issues.



API Creation

To power your application and manage user and content data.


In order to prevent and quickly act in case of issues.

Anomaly Detection

In case of server side issues.


This is a non-exhaustive list of features

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