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Code Audit Service

We provide extensive and risk-free code audit and system review services for our clients looking to improve their software products, add new features, or make any changes in the existing code base.

Software code audit services

The real value of a software security audit lies in understanding all the intricacies of the existing code. An audit report highlights potential integration challenges, code flexibility, and security risks. It may also imply the best practices for fixing problems and contain recommendations for improving the product.

Tech stack examination

We analyze the key components in your technology stack and assess whether their use is up to date and involves any potential threats. This provides your business with data-driven insights concerning the main technologies to scale and make operations flawless. 

Tech documentation 

We check a tech document of your product with the basic details. It usually involves the list of requirements, architecture design, source code, validation docs, as well as verification and maintenance information. This way, we can track progress, implement changes, and have information for future reference. 

Code quality evaluation

We issue a diagnosis for the software code based on a thorough evaluation. A poorly written code takes time to build out the new functionality. This makes future development faster and more efficient so that you can roll out updates more quickly. 

Performance audit 

We identify parts of the code that might slow down the software or use system resources above the norm. We check whether applications are performing as expected in the initial project plan. If not, we optimize the code for better performance and efficiency. 

Architecture assessment 

We offer code review as a service to check the project’s code and analyze how it is organized from a high-level perspective. After the implementation is done and the project goes into production, we try to find bugs and fix them as soon as possible. This way, we ensure a specialized code can fulfill your project needs. 

Consulting and maintenance 

We offer an outside professional opinion on product design and implementation based on the actual code. We regularly consult with our clients to determine overall code health and enhance quality and security. A well-structured code is easier to maintain. A code audit helps identify areas where the code can be improved, making future maintenance more manageable. 

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